Chef Kamra

Meet The Family

Originally from Afghanistan, our family would always get together at the dinner table at the end of the day. It didn't matter what kind of day any of us had. We didn't always get along, but the dinner table always brought us together. No matter what mood we came in with, after eating mom's food, we'd finish with a smile on our face. 

Through the years, my mom hosted different kinds of gatherings all with one thing in common: every time guests would rave about the Afghan food and tell her she must open a restaurant. When our family moved to Virginia Beach, we did just that. In 2016, Mazari Kebab and More opened their doors to great success. 

When my family moved to Texas, my dad knew we had to give Texans the opportunity to try mom's amazing food too. My cousin Kamran, who is the amazing chef, my dad, and I combined our enthusiasm and passion to our cuisine and opened Ariana Kebabs here in The Colony. My family invites you and your family and friends to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean tastes of Ariana Kebab!